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What areKindnessCards?

Our Free Kindness Cards are designed to share hope.
If you find one in the world, give it to someone who needs it most.
Or keep it for yourself as a reminder that we're all in this together
and Kindness Matters.

Things are hard right now.

The world needs kindness, compassion, support, healing and love now more than ever. 
Every act of kindness gets us one step closer to healing. Now is the time to connect with people to show them you care and that they are not alone.

What arePeopleSaying?

I’m an ICU Nurse.

Right about now we could especially use a way to boost each other's spirits. I love the idea of these cards! I plan to put them at our nurse's station and encourage my coworkers to drop each other an uplift!

I’m a daughter.

My dad received a Kindness Card from a neighbor. He was just diagnosed with cancer. I ordered a bunch because I am going to give them out at the cancer center while I sit waiting during his appointments. What a pick me up it will be for the patients and families there. Thank you for designing these and sharing your compassion for people!

I’m a small business owner.

Whenever I can carve out a few minutes I try to write a note letting my customers know how much I appreciate them. Your idea of free cards is precious!

I’m a first grade teacher.

Our class mantra is “kindness is our superpower” and I call the boys my Captains of Kindess. I’m super excited to fnd your site, and love your messaging.

I'm a friend and neighbor.

I've left the kindness cards around various places - for the mailman, the clerk at the grocery store. You have inspired me in this crazy time, and I am forever grateful.

I’m a community manager.

I manage a Senior Living Community. I paired your colorful cards with a kindness related word search, a breakfast bar, and a note on the origins of World Kindness day with a contest to share a time when someone extended great kindness. This helped brighten up their mail cubby and their day! 

Want toBeaHelper?

We’ve given away 250,000 free Kindness Cards!
Within the first week of the program, we fulfilled orders to ALL 50 STATES.
You can help us keep this program running by contributing
to printing and distribution costs.

It may seem like a small gesture

But even little acts of kindness can lead to big change. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone or seeing an uplifting message can give a person hope.